La Diperie

Summer is (almost) here and the Danforth has a new addition to its rather meager ice cream scene. There is Dolce gelato – which is always fabulous; Caffe Demetre – an equally good ice cream and dessert parlour with delicious, made to order gigantic crepes and waffles (I am already drooling). And now there is La Diperie.

Originally from Montreal the soft-serve spot offers only one flavour so far – real vanilla – that you can dress up with any dip and topping your heart desires. Their price starts at one Dollar (!) and ends at around 10 if you go crazy with the size and toppings. We went for a classic Medium with Cacao 70% dip and pistachio topping. It tasted very natural, the ingredients seemed fresh, not “enhanced” with extra sugar or some other filler – just vanilla, cocoa and nuts. The flavours mixed wonderfully together, the bitterness of the cocoa, the sweetness of the soft-serve and the chewiness of the pistachio. Our combo was definitely something for someone who doesn’t like their dessert too sweet.


medium soft-serve / 1 topping / 1 dip / CAD 6.22

La Diperie

372 Danforth Avenue M4K 1N8 Toronto

+1 647 471 7130

12:00pm – 9:00 pm