ra’mien’s La Mien



Whenever I go back to Vienna there is one restaurant I have, have, have to visit – ra’mien. This place has nothing to do with Austrian cuisine nor any other traditional Viennese food, but it is the best, possibly healthiest comfort food on a cold winter day. When I went back over Christmas I went there five times. Yes, five times for what I consider the best item on their menu – La Mien with coconut-curry broth. Oh. My. God. If I could, I would eat this soup every day from the first gusts of cold wind until the first short-sleeve-temperatures.

I am not going to dwell too long on the description of this heavenly dish. Chicken broth is mixed with coconut and thai curry, spices and pak choi, cilantro and spring onion as well as a choice of meat or vegetables. It is served over flying wheat noodles that are being shaven by hand off a dough-ball by the nice cook ( I know for sure he’s nice, I smiled at him and he smiled back) who stands on display in the back of the restaurant. It is served fast and hot and you can season it with soy sauce or chillies for the extra kick. Beware, the chilli vinegar they serve on the side is a bit stinky but once you put it in your soup the smell completely disappears.
The large, brightly lit restaurant is always busy so make sure you call ahead. They do leave some tables for walk-ins, but you might have to wait if you come in the peak hours. Keep in mind that the soups are only served from noon to 3:00pm and 6:00pm to 10:45pm.

If you are in Vienna and you’ve had enough of Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn and want to eat something that the Viennese eat, you should go to ra’mien.

1060 Wien | Gumpendorferstraße 9
T: 01 585 47 98 F: 01 941 18 63
E: info@ramien.at

Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 24:00 Uhr
Mondays closed.
Kitchen: 11:30 – 17:00 & 18:00 – 22:45
Soups: 12:00 – 15:00 & 18:00 – 22:45
Rice Bowls: 11:30 – 17:00