On my way to class I needed to pick up something to eat and as busy as Queen Street West as, between Bathurst and Tecumseth there is only a Tim Hortons and a Pizzaiolo where you can get a quick bite to eat. So instead of opting for something savoury I decided to try out the little éclair place that I had spotted a couple of weeks ago but was too hungry to actually opt for it.

Nügateau is an éclair only shop where you can find the traditional french sweet with innovative flavour combinations, such as Lemon Yuzu Meringue, Foie Gras, as well as seasonal specialties, as the spring version I opted for: Pistachio Cream with Strawberries, Mintleaves and White Chocolate Mini Batons. That was probably not what the name was but I was too busy admiring the beautiful éclair and paying $ 6.20 for it. My friend later jokingly asked if I took out a small loan to be able to afford it. Well, I would have done so if I needed to, that’s how much hipster I am.

It was well worth every penny. The pistachio cream had the perfect texture and a not too overwhelming flavour, it paired wonderfully on your palate with the little hints hints of mint here and there and the delicate sweetness of the white chocolate blending with the acidity from the strawberry slices. Heaven.