7 Dim Sum

Update: 7 has closed.

Have you ever tried soup dumplings? If not, you should. It is the most joyful, surprising food coming in little, mouthful packages. I assume that there is plenty of  Xiaolongbao  in town, Mother Dumplings makes them in a less soupy, more juicy version. But there is a place on The Danforth that specializes in them – 7 Dim Sum. This little place holds merely sixteen seats plus three barstools, and is operated by sometimes as little as one person in the kitchen and one in the front of house. The dumplings are made to order which sometimes might take a while so come armed with patience. Needless to say it is well worth the wait. The dumplings come in groups of steaming six and a special ginger vinegar you can dip them in before you bite them open. The instructions on how to eat them are posted on the calming matcha-green walls. My favourite are the pork dumplings but they also come with different fillings. The panfried dumplings are also delicious yet quite greasy and look like they have been fried in a great amount of oil.  And if you are not a big dumpling fan – try the pancake beef roll. Soft pancake batter rolled around tender, well seasoned cooked beef and cilantro with green onion. Mouthwatering.

7 Dim Sum

867 Danforth Avenue

11:30 – 9:30

647 847 8184