Caffé Demetre

I had to get out of the house because for some odd reason I am not able to do anything at home. Nothing. I even asked Dr. Google if I could have ADHD, but then again – the infinity of the internet and my constant wish to lose myself in it might be the problem. My attention span is that of a squirrel, although I assume squirrels can concentrate pretty well once they see a nut. I digress. So in order to get things done I step out of the house and go to Demetre’s Caffe – a dessert joint on the Danforth. They have various cakes, dessert crepes and waffles as well as coffee and milkshakes. I order the hot matcha milk tea. Matcha hot for some odd reason tastes like fish. I have to investigate why it tastes like fish – not a great flavour, but oddly interesting. Since this place doesn’t have wifi I’ll investigate later. Do you see how I kept myself from sidetracking? No internet – more focus.

I choose “The Last Straw” – a crepe with honey vanilla ice cream, strawberries and strawberry coulis which I ask to be changed to nutella. Because – Nutella. While wondering how many times the Demetre staff have to force-laugh at stupid jokes being made by the customers about the “funny and original” dessert names my server goes behind the kitchen counter and starts preparing my dessert. He takes out a bowl of batter and pours it on the heated iron. The crepe is freshly made. FRESHLY MADE CREPE. THANK YOU. I cannot stress enough how many times I see stacks of pre-made crepes at dessert joints waiting to be reheated. It is sad. Making a crepe is a procedure of seconds once you have the batter, which you can easily store close to the pan. Reheating a crepe is being one step away from the microwave. And microwaves are gross. They are the worst thing you can do to any food.

The server/dessert artist/crepista brings my order over – a giant ball of ice-cream covered in crepe, nutella, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Beautiful and delicious.

Caffe Demetre
400 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1P3
(416) 778-6654
2:00 – 11:00 PM