Mocha Mocha

The Danforth is changing quite a bit, with Greek restaurants closing down each day and new hip cafes such as Marvel opening. There is one cafe at the corner of Logan that has been open since 1991 and doesn’t seem to be suffering the constantly rising rents and shrinking crowds. Mocha Mocha serves salad platters, burritos, fish tacos, soups of the day, crepes, sandwiches and other items that look healthy, fresh and nutritious. They also serve lox bagels, which are probably the least healthy choice right before the desserts. But, what the hell.


 The bagel is nice and warm which makes the heaps of cream cheese smear melt just enough to gently hug the salty pieces of thinly sliced lax. Delicate pieces of red onion and capers give it a crunch and edge. Paired with a garden salad topped with their house made dressing (which people will order on its own to dress their salads at home) it is the perfect lunch or snack.