Lady Marmalade

Do you like standing in line for eggs Benedict on a Saturday morning? Then Lady Marmalade is the right place for you. Waiting time : thirty-four minutes. Enough time to decide to google and change your mind about your order seventeen times, evaluating the food by peeking through the window and viciously staring at the customers already eating, telling them telepathically to EAT FASTER!!! because you feel as if you’re about to faint if you are not going to be able to order soon.
This place was so hyped I had to convince myself it will be mediocre. It’s the worst to walk into a restaurant and have your expectations set so high they would have to serve you a Michelin star with your scrambled eggs to satisfy you.
The nice thing is they seat people as they come, so even if you’re only two you’d still be seated at a table of four  just because you were next in line. The servers know that you have been staring down the menu by the entrance so they take your order pretty much immediately, while putting tap water on the table which is great. The coffee comes within the next minute, and you wait for your meal the right amount of time – not too short to think it was somehow pre-made, not too long to think the kitchen is overwhelmed. And it’s delicious. The eggs Benedict with cheddar, bacon and mango salsa have a freshness and innovation to them, the potatoes are nice and soft on the inside, the sauce hollandaise is not too thick. The only minus – the salad dressing. It tastes exactly like the dressing you get on the iceberg lettuce salad that comes with your Japanese lunch box. It’s a surprising flavor combined with the eggs, not in a good way.