Warsaw – not the city of burgers. But with a burger craze going on in the world, also Poland’s capital – which I highly recommend to visit with a local – has bitten into the bun. One of the fancy hipster places : Warburger. A tiny stand on a square at the corner of Jarosława Dąbrowskiego (no one is asking you to pronounce it) and Puławska with five barstools as seating options, a menu of only nine burgers, and prices ranging from 19 to 31 zloty, which are on the European side of the Polish income spectrum. I chose the Dzikakrowa Burger (Madcow Burger) served on a sweeter bun with goat cheese and caramelized onions topped with cherries and Italian Maraschino liqueur. (Know those unnaturally bright cancerous cherries you want to have on top of your milkshake? A way better Polish version of those.)

To the beautiful looking burger. The bun – a harder brioche bun, a bit hard, too hard for a burger, I cut my palate and ingredients were falling out. The maraschino cherries were giving it a nice sweetness, although might be too sweet for some. Meat slightly bland and cooked to medium – without even questioning if I would have liked it otherwise. Disappointing, since I find it to be an important part of the possibilities of a high end burger. The caramelized onions were still a bit crunchy – delicious, and the lamb’s lettuce was a big plus. Quite a large burger so you definitely get full. All in all a great innovation in Warsaw’s   burger landscape. And in the summer you can sit outside and socialize, so go before winter comes.