Almost New York

I have been walking past this place for over a year now, today I gave it a try. Yes!! I feel like I’m in a New York deli, but a better one, nostalgia and all. Pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, a mural of the NYC skyline and a Statue of Liberty might seem corny to a New Yorker, but to someone who’s missing the city this is the place to be.
My order – tuna melt served with latkes and slaw. Latkes, it’s been so long I forgot what it was – a potato pancake. At the New Yorker it’s more a grits and potato pancake. The ambiance is great, now let’s look at the food. I get my tuna melt. Looks good! Although the poppyseed bagel throws me off, and that it’s not actually a sandwich but more of a tartine. I try to cut off a piece – so soft it won’t cut. Microwave soft. Did they melt it in the microwave? Disappointing. The coleslaw is good, the latkes are good, the sandwich itself – meh. I look to the counter. There is another tuna melt. A good looking one, held together by dark bread, served with tomato, salad and pickle inside. That’s how it should look like (except for the tomato). I pack up half of my microwaved tuna salad bagel and get the bill. $ 13,27 – that’s not too bad, or is it? I ask the friendly waitress if there is a choice of bread, just out of curiosity, she answers perplexed (there I think to myself HA! gotcha) “Uh, I guess, but it comes traditionally on an English muffin.” English muffin? Didn’t see one, at least not on my plate. Well, next time I’ll try the corned beef, to be on the safe side.
New Yorker Deli 1140 Bay Street, Toronto