Mhhhmmmmm Lobster

Today I decided I am going to treat myself to something I have been wanting to try for a long time – a lobster roll. I had never had one and yes, my expectations were pretty high. Passing by Saint Lawrence Market I decided to check out Buster’s Sea Cove, a seafood restaurant located at the very south end of the market. The line was pretty long since it was noon, but they have a girl walking up and down asking people about their orders and then transmitting it over a walky-talkie to the cooks. After fifteen minutes I got my lobster roll with a garden salad (you can also have fries) and a bottle of water. $18.91 was the overall bill, it didn’t seem like a great deal for a sandwich, but lobster is expensive in Toronto, as everything else is.

Since there was no table available for me alone I sat down next to two businessmen enjoying their Italian sandwiches and opened my box. The roll was small sized, stuffed with lobster with the consistency of pulled pork rather than actual lobster pieces. I expected it to be more chunky and definitely a little bit bigger. Besides that it was excellent. The bun was very soft, toasted on the outside, reminded me a little bit of a very fresh brioche meets pain au lait meets toast (or maybe it just reminded me of French toast). The lobster meat was well seasoned and wonderfully juicy and the lemon juice I squeezed on brought out the flavour even more. The garden salad was large with a nice and not too overwhelming balsamic-mustard-oil dressing, the coleslaw was crunchy and french. All in all a great meal, although I would have enjoyed some more lobster on some more delicious bun.