Dimanche dimanche.

Do you know that feeling, when you’re lying in bed and you are telling yourself: tomorrow, tomorrow I’m going to do things differently; or I finally get that thing in the kitchen fixed; or I will finally call my bank. Well, Sunday to me is like that moment just before falling asleep, but it’s a moment that lasts 24 hours. If you want to be active and productive in a professional way on a Sunday, you have to fight the forces that are against you. The mute alarm clocks of your neighbours, the silence in the streets, the closed shops, the slow movements of the ones who made it out of the house. It seems as if everything is in slow motion and it tries to do the same to you. Sunday is like one of those dreams in which you want to run but you can’t, your feet won’t move, your arms try to hold on to something in front of you that might have the power to push you forward faster, but there is this inexplicable force that’s holds you in place. That force – is Sunday.